Your Best New Year’s Resolution: Legal Preparations

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It is officially 2017, and with a New Year comes new resolutions. Whether you are 30 or 70, making a resolution to get your legal preparations in order is a pragmatic choice that will provide remarkable benefits down the road. Since legal considerations can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure where to begin, this list will give you a solid starting point to help make your resolution a reality.

Write Your Living Will

A living will is something that you never want to find yourself needing to utilize, but it’s an important safety net in the case of an unexpected disease or injury. In your living will, you will state your wishes regarding accepting or not accepting procedures that will prolong your life in an end state condition, terminal condition, or persistent vegetative state. If you elect against life prolonging procedures, it doesn’t mean your treatment will automatically stop, but you or your health care surrogate will have the legal ability to choose that outcome if desired.

Consider A Health Care Surrogate

As mentioned above, in the case that you are too injured or ill to make your own decisions, you need a health care surrogate to enact your wishes. Once an attending physician certifies that you no longer have the capacity to make your own healthcare decisions, your health care surrogate will be able to make all important decisions on your behalf, including application for public medical benefits, selection of health care facilities, and general medical choices. Any individual can qualify to be your health care surrogate, though most people select a spouse, grown child, or close friend who can be trusted completely and will honor the living will.

Plan Your Will

Unlike a living will, which deals only with medical decisions, a regular will sets out a comprehensive plan for the transfer of your assets to your loved ones after your death. Without such a will, your assets will be at the mercy of Florida law, and most of what you worked to save throughout your life will not be distributed to your family members. If you take the time to execute your own will in 2017, you can rest assured that when it is your time to go, your family will be properly taken care of.