Will Planning in Greater Carrollwood FL | Why Writing Your Living Will Is So Important

Will Planning in Greater Carrollwood FL

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One of the things that confuses people the most when talking about will planning in Greater Carrollwood FL is the difference between a last will and testament and a living will. A last will and testament states what you want to happen to your assets such as your home, cars, bank accounts and other personal property. A living will sets forth your healthcare wishes at end of life with regard to  life support measures.

People who don’t expect to leave much by way of inheritance behind on this earth often believe that they have no use for a will. However, a living will is important for everyone to establish, because it legitimizes your wishes for being kept alive on life support, or not, when you are in an end stage condition, permanent vegetative state, or suffering from a terminal condition.

Reasons to Create a Living Will

You don’t have to be elderly, sick, or dying to create a living will, in fact, everyone over the age of 18 needs to create one in order for their personal wishes to be granted if they are ever on life support. A terrible accident or sudden illness can happen to anyone of any age, so preparing as soon as possible is always the best option. Here are a few other reasons you need to start will planning in Greater Carrollwood FL and at least have a living will in place.

  • Is there someone you trust to make end of life medical decisions for you? This person can be designated in a living will to make the choices you might not be able to make yourself.
  • Are there specific medical wishes you have related to your religion? A living will can outline these wishes to ensure that no doctor can overstep your religious beliefs if you are incapacitated.
  • Do you have different wishes depending on the situation such as if your incapacitation is due to surgical complications, disease, or terminal illness? A living will can address any possible scenario you can imagine.

If you’re ready to start will planning in Greater Carrollwood FL there are plenty of attorneys that are able to help. Consider the best by contacting the Law Offices of Kimberly K. Muenter, P.A. at 941-229-2529.