Will Attorney in Lakewood Ranch FL | What Information You Need to Create Your Will

will lawyer lakewood ranch fl

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Creating your last will and testament is not something people like to think about every day, but eventually a day will come when you must buckle down and get the paperwork finished. The first time you meet with a will attorney in Lakewood Ranch FL you will have a lot of questions. The attorney will be able to sit down and go through all your concerns and questions thoroughly, but to ensure you are ready for the appointment, there is a lot of information you need to have ready.

What to Take to the Will Attorney’s Office

The first time you visit the office of a will attorney in Lakewood Ranch FL you might have some idea of your assets and who you want to inherit them, but often, some clients do not even realize the extent of their estate! Therefore, making sure you have all the paperwork documentation of your assets with you, even if you think they are not important when you visit the attorney.

  • Deeds to all real estate
  • Titles to all vehicles
  • All checking and savings account statements
  • Any money market statements, stocks, and bonds
  • IRA and other investment account statements
  • Receipts and documentation for jewelry, art, antiques, and other items of value
  • Contracts for timeshares
  • Documentation of debts including mortgages, any loans, credit cards, and medical bills
  • Beneficiary information including full names, contact information, social security numbers, birthdates and certificates or adoption records
  • Temporary or permanent guardian information for minor children including contact information, social security numbers, and birthdates.

Before meeting with your will attorney in Lakewood Ranch FL, make sure to ask the office for a checklist to help you get everything you need in order before meeting the attorney. Most of these offices will also be available to answer questions while you are gathering the documents and will help you through the process, giving advice and guidance when asked.

If you are ready to work with a will attorney in Lakewood Ranch FL, call the Law Office of Kimberly K. Muenter at 941-229-2529.