Why Estate Planning is Important

Estate Planning Attorney

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There are many myths out there about estate planning. One is that estate planning is something you only need to do if you have a lot of wealth or property. Another is that you don’t need an estate planning attorney to help with your will. The biggest one however is that estate planning is not important. Some people believe that when they die, everything from medical issues to the funeral and what happens after will automatically be handled by their next of kin or spouse. However, this is not always the case and when a court must decide how your estate is settled, and by whom, you lose all control in the matter.

If you’re ready to start planning for your senior years and end of life, there are a few reasons why you should reach out to an established estate planning attorney.

  1. Protect Your Investments- When you work with an elder law attorney to plan what happens to your assets and investments after death, you are ensuring that your money and property is protected. An attorney can help you set up an irrevocable or revokable trust that will protect your savings and help you qualify for services.
  2. Protect Your Healthcare Wishes- When you have a will and health care directive, you are guaranteed to have your health care wishes followed even when you can’t voice your opinions yourself. If you are ever put in a medically induced coma, have complications during surgeries, or are on life support, you don’t have to worry about a family member or doctor making choices for you.
  3. Get Insurance and Long-Term Care Advice- There are so many different rules to follow when it comes to insurance. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance can all work together or against each other when it comes to paying for nursing homes, hospice, assisted living, medications, procedures, and other services that seniors need. An estate planning attorney can help guide you through which plans are best for you and ensure your health care during your senior years is top-quality and reliable.

Estate planning is something that every adult needs to consider, especially those with minor children. You don’t want social services deciding who your children will live with if you die before they are of age. This is why we encourage all adults to begin estate planning as soon as possible.

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