What to Look for in a Long-Term Care Facility

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If you or a loved one are looking at needing long-term care in the near future, it is important to consider all your options. Looking for a long-term care facility can be a chore, but it is important to look at several facilities closely to determine the right choice for your loved one.

Type of Care Required

The first thing to consider when you are looking at long-term care facilities is the type of care you will require. There are three primary types of facilities—assisted living, memory care, and nursing. Assisted living facilities are those in which extensive nursing care is not required, but some help with daily tasks is necessary. Memory care facilities have additional protections and staff to handle patients who do not have their mental faculties. Nursing facilities have hands-on nursing throughout the day.

If your loved one has memory problems, it is important that you choose the appropriate facility. Memory care units are generally locked down so patients are unable to wander off. They are also usually more heavily staffed to ensure that patients do not come to harm through their forgetful actions.

Things to Look For

Make sure that the long-term care facility you choose is clean and well-staffed. Tour the facility and pay close attention to the cleanliness and organization of both the facility and the patients. Ask how many nurses or staff are on-site at any given time. You may also want to ask about quality of life issues, such as activities that they have for the patients to break up the monotony.

Cost and Insurance

Of course, the biggest consideration for most patients is cost. Shop around to get the best prices. Assisted living will be the cheapest, while skilled nursing will be the most expensive. Ask the facility about payment options and what insurance carriers they accept. For most people, the Medicaid program will be needed to help pay for the facility. Make sure the facility you choose is state licensed and able to accept this insurance.

If your loved one will soon be needing a long-term care facility, contact us today to learn more about Medicaid planning and long-term care. We are able to assist you in understanding the financial and legal aspects of placing your loved one in a long-term care facility.