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Can anyone else revoke a power of attorney I have granted?

Can I add my daughters or sons name to my bank account instead of having a power of attorney?

Can I have a durable power of attorney that becomes effective only in the future?

What is the penalty period with medicaid?

Why should I apply for medicaid coverage?

Why should I use an elder law attorney to help me apply for medicaid benefits?

What is the maximum amount of real property that can be administered without probate?

What do I need to do in order to start an asset protection plan for medicaid planning purposes?

What can be done if there are not enough assets to cover the deceased's debts?

What are the types of probate proceedings?

What are the medicaid application and eligibility requirements?

We hired an aide to come into the house to take care of my father can medicaid pay for that aide?

The decedent owed me money how do I file a claim against the estate?

My spouse died and left a will leaving his assets to me and my children do we have to probate...

If my spouse is going into a nursing home can they transfer all of their assets to me and...

If I gave things away do I have to wait five years to get medicaid?

If I am in a nursing home is it too late to give away my assets and qualify for medicaid?

How can I plan to avoid or minimize probate?

Can I transfer my assets to my children just before I go into a nursing home and still qualify...

Are there ways for me to protect some of my assets and still be eligible for medicaid benefits?

Are there any assets that medicaid does not consider available to the medicaid applicant...

Are there advantages to a power of attorney over a conservatorship?

Are the rules for medicaid different in each state?

Are the eligibility rules for community based medicaid services the same as for nursing home...

Am I allowed to keep all of my social security and pension if I am in a nursing home and...