Veterans Disability Benefits: Why You May Need to Hire a Lawyer

Waist up portrait of serious disabled military man looking at camera with hard look. He is sitting in wheelchair with his hands folded in the lock. USA flag on background

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You’ve fought for our country and now that you’re home, you shouldn’t have to fight for your disability benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs can make filing for benefits or receiving the maximum benefit you deserve a frustrating task and drag the process out longer than they should. If you are being ignored or getting insufficient benefits, hiring an attorney could be the next step in getting the VA to listen.

Are You Eligible?

If you had a medical condition that was made worse during your active military service, or if you developed a condition while serving, you may qualify for disability benefits. You must be able to prove your claim when filing. The Department of Veterans Affairs requires you to truthfully say that you developed an illness or were injured during active service, an illness you had prior to service was made worse, or you have developed a disability caused by or related to your active service that did not become evident until after your service ended.

On the surface, this can seem like a simple task. However, you must build a strong case around your condition to prove the above circumstances. This means collecting evidence, documenting your illness or disability, and filling out confusing forms and submitting them properly. This process takes time away from you, and if you don’t submit everything required, you could have to start from the beginning.

How Will a Lawyer Help?

Having a lawyer on your side to fight for your veterans disability benefit will take unneeded stress from your shoulders. We will navigate the filing process with you, collect evidence, draft arguments, and advocate for you in hearings with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Attorney Kimberly K. Muenter will aggressively pursue the maximum benefit you deserve. If your claim has been denied or you’re not getting the benefits that you should, she will be there to navigate the complex VA system with you.

As a veteran, you’ve served our needs and are entitled to your disability benefits. Kimberly K. Muenter of Tampa, Florida will build your “Fully Developed Claim” and fight for the benefits you deserve. Call 941.567.1671 today to schedule an appointment with Elder Law to review your claim and let us serve you.