Three Signs It’s Time to Think about Medicaid Planning

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No one wants to think about a time when they can’t take care of themselves, but for some people it is inevitable. Rather than allowing the transition to catch you off guard and unprepared, it is a good idea to start Medicaid planning early. Here are some signs that you should be thinking about Medicaid planning.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Often dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed early on. And when that happens, you have an advantage. If the disease is caught early enough, you will have some time with your wits about you to make plans for the eventual time when you will need to be cared for. As soon as you have such a diagnosis, you should begin Medicaid planning to cover nursing home costs.

Disabled Elderly

If you are elderly and disabled, you should start Medicaid planning as soon as possible so that you are prepared when you are no longer able to function on your own. Many disabilities worsen with age, and you may eventually need full time nursing care. It is better to be prepared and never need it than to need it and be caught unprepared.

No Family and Over 65

If you are elderly and do not have any family surviving or in the area to take care of you as you age, you should start Medicaid planning now. Medicaid planning will allow you to be prepared if you need to go to a nursing home because you can no longer meet your household and basic needs.

If any of these signs apply to you, contact us today for more information about Medicaid planning and how we can help.