The Best Ways that Alzheimer’s Caregivers Can Also Care For Themselves

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When asked to name stressful and challenging jobs, most people are likely to suggest distinguished positions such as airline pilot, business executive, or heart surgeon. However, that list does not take into consideration the unpaid yet equally as taxing job of serving as a caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 15 million people in America alone are currently serving as caregivers to people with Alzheimer’s while also balancing their own jobs and personal responsibilities. Helping somebody with Alzheimer’s is a difficult and demanding job that places caregivers at increased risk for physical and mental health problems, so it is critical that these caregivers also know how to effectively care for themselves.

Get Educated

Trying to care for an Alzheimer’s patient without comprehensively understanding the disease is as difficult as driving while blindfolded. Fortunately, community resources and education materials available regarding Alzheimer’s have never been more accessible. Browse the internet, visit your local library, talk to other caregivers, and gradually build your understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease until you feel like you have a firm grasp on the many complexities surrounding dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

Make Plans

Just about everything in life is easier to handle when a plan has been established. Caring for your loved one with Alzheimer’s is no exception. With the help of an elder law attorney like Kimberly K. Muenter, you can make the legal and financial plans necessary to ensure your loved one’s affairs are in order. This will help you navigate any future complications with less stress and fear.

Give Yourself Attention, Too

There is no doubt that caring for an elderly person with Alzheimer’s is time-consuming and challenging. The better you care for yourself, the more energy you will have to devote to your loved one. Eating well, exercising, visiting the doctor, maintaining a sleeping pattern, joining a support group, and writing in a journal are all excellent and relatively simple ways to boost your health and wellness. Indulging in a hobby that you love during your free time, or even with your loved one, will also provide an important outlet that will rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

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