The Beginner’s Guide to Veterans Disability Compensation

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As the 2016 presidential election has brought to light, the current state of veterans care in America is struggling. There are more than 21 million veterans living in the United States today, with a full 4.3 million receiving disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. What we don’t know, however, is how many veterans need disability compensation who are either waiting for approval or trying to fight an unjust denial. Though President Obama signed a 2014 law aimed to minimize the delays that so many veterans face when they apply for disability benefits for seek treatment at VA hospitals and clinics, the problem is still very much alive.

What is Veteran Disability Compensation?

Military veterans with service-related disabilities qualify for as much as $3,300 every month in financial benefits. The money is received tax-free in order to cover the extra expenses and loss of income that a disability causes. Common disabilities that require benefits include PTSD, chronic pain disorders, limb amputation, traumatic brain injuries, and hearing and vision impairment.

What Are the Requirements, and Why Is It So Complicated?

The process of applying for veterans disability compensation can become truly frustrating and excruciating due to the complex nature of the application. At the core of approval for disability compensation is the ability to prove an injury or disease that occurred while on active duty or made significantly worse by active military service. A great deal of paperwork is needed to make a “Fully Developed Claim”, such as military and civilian medical evidence and documentation, copies of DD214 and other separation documents, dependency records, and more.

Due to the strict guidelines for approving disability compensation, far too many veterans are denied when they do genuinely need their compensation benefits to survive. This is where experienced veterans attorneys can help navigate the veterans benefits system and ensure that a veteran is approved for what he deserves.