Signs That It’s Time to Start Thinking About Medicaid Planning


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Medicaid planning is necessary if you believe you may need a long-term care facility. Most people cannot afford nursing homes or assisted living without help from the Medicaid program. Since the program is complex and has set requirements, planning is necessary to make sure that you can qualify and get the help you need. Not sure if you should be planning at this stage? These are the signs that you should be considering Medicaid planning.

Needing More Help in Daily Tasks

If you are needing more help in day to day tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, or cleaning, it may be time to consider Medicaid planning and look for a long-term care facility. Assisted living facilities are designed with these needs in mind, without the cost of skilled nursing care. While you may be able to rely on friends and family to help you for the moment, it may become necessary in the near future to have more frequent and reliable help available.

Serious Illness

If you have a terminal illness such as cancer, or you are facing other serious medical conditions that require nursing assistance, you should be considering Medicaid planning. While your family may be able to learn the necessary skills to assist you short-term, the further your condition progresses, the more likely it will be that you need skilled nursing care throughout the day. In-home nursing care is sometimes available through your insurance, but if you require assistance more than a few hours a day, it is not cost effective.

Your Memory is Failing

Are you in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s? Often, when these illnesses are discovered early, it is possible to remain at home for some time before worrying about a memory care unit. You need to be ready for when that time comes, however. Medicaid planning in advance will ensure that you and your family are prepared for the time when you will need more assistance.

If you need to start considering Medicaid planning, contact our firm today. We can assist you in the beginning stages of this planning and help you with the legal and financial aspects of aging. Contact us today for more information.