Probate Lawyer In Lakewood Ranch FL | Who Needs a Probate Lawyer?

Probate Lawyer In Lakewood Ranch FL

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Probate lawyers are a particular type of attorney that are involved in elder law; however, a probate lawyer in Lakewood Ranch Fl, like everywhere, doesn’t represent the senior. The person a probate lawyer represents is the power-of-attorney established by the senior. If a senior appoints their son as power of attorney, a probate lawyer will represent the son. However, the duties of a probate lawyer are limited in scope to helping a power of attorney carry out the terms of the will legally.

Having a probate lawyer in Lakewood Ranch FL is also very helpful in cases where there are multiple siblings or inheritors; however, only one of the siblings has been named a power of attorney or personal representative. A probate attorney will also argue on the side of the person who hired them—a power of attorney and does not represent the other siblings.

A probate lawyer in Lakewood Ranch FL is also great for personal representatives financially. The charges from a probate attorney are against the estate and do not have to be paid from the personal representative’s personal accounts. They can also put any inheritance into a trust until the estate is settled and then divide the assets between inheritors, which can reduce sibling conflict.

Are Probate Lawyers Necessary?

Not all executors will need to hire probate lawyers. Estates with little debt, simple assets, and a limited amount of heirs may be settled without the use of a probate attorney. However, when large sums of money are involved, either as debt or as an inheritance, there are unusual assets such as multiple properties in different states, or there are disputes against the will, a probate lawyer in Lakewood Ranch FL is available to assist.

Some estates, wills, and assets don’t ever have to enter into probate court to be settled, and when this happens, no probate lawyers are necessary at all. Seniors can do many things to avoid probate before they are deceased, including asset planning.

If you require a probate lawyer in Lakewood Ranch FL, call the Law Offices of Kimberly K. Muenter at 941-213-7325