Probate Attorney Lakewood Ranch Fl | Why You Might Need a Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney Lakewood Ranch Fl

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Probate court can be messy and complicated, with many families and executors turning to a probate attorney Lakewood Ranch Fl to help them navigate the process. Probate attorneys can act as the representative of the executor, helping to handle every step of probate from talking to judges to paying off creditors and distributing the remainder to heirs. Not every executor will need a probate attorney, but there are several reasons why you might.

  1. Legal Document Preparation- When a will is in probate, many legal documents must be prepared and reviewed. When documents aren’t prepared correctly, the legal process can be held up. A probate attorney Lakewood Ranch FL has the experience and expertise to ensure that all paperwork is prepared, processed, and filed the correct and legal way.
  2. Conflicts- An executor’s worst nightmare can be conflicts with other family members or heirs that want a claim on the assets. A probate attorney can communicate and deal with the legalities of disputes or conflicts that arise. However, a probate attorney only represents the executor and heirs should secure their own representation.
  3. Court Proceedings- If your estate is insolvent, which means the assets don’t cover the debt owed, creditors could sue the estate. The executor could end up being financially responsible for settling these debts. The Probate Attorney Lakewood Ranch Fl can also represent you throughout the probate proceedings in front of the judge even when the estate doesn’t have claims against it.
  4. Common Assets- If the estate just has common assets such as a home, bank account, cars, and household goods, you may not need a probate attorney. When your estate consists of a business, multiple homes, large sums of money, or an unusual number of assets, or severe debt, a probate attorney is the best defense you have in ensuring that the estate is handled legally.

If you’ve recently been named an executor for an estate and need a probate attorney Lakewood Ranch Fl, consider a free consultation with the Law Offices of Kimberly K. Muenter and call 941-260-2603.