Medicaid Planning Attorney Lakewood Ranch FL | What Are the Benefits of Medicaid for Seniors?

Medicaid Planning Attorney Lakewood Ranch FL

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Any qualified Medicaid planning attorney Lakewood Ranch FL has to offer will tell seniors that one of the first steps they should take to their end of life or long-term care planning is to apply for Medicaid. There are more than seven million seniors currently getting essential care through Medicaid. However, many seniors who may still have private insurance or are relying solely on various Medicare plans, do not realize they can qualify for Medicaid. There is also the myth that Medicaid does not provide quality healthcare options for seniors. This is simply not true.

Here are just a few reasons why Medicaid benefits seniors according to a top Medicaid planning attorney Lakewood Ranch FL residents trust.

  1. Long-Term Care Services and Supports- Medicaid is the primary payer for services and supports related to long-term care of seniors. Two thirds of all nursing home residents receive care through Medicaid services. Medicaid also provides in-home care, community-based services, and personal attendants for assisted living situations.
  2. Medicaid Fills the Gaps- Medicare does not often cover expenses such as transportation to and from appointments, vision, or dental care, and more. Medicaid does pay for these things and covers home health equipment, mental health, and therapy.
  3. Lowers Medicare Pricing- When you can qualify for Medicaid, your Medicare some or all your premiums are paid by Medicaid. Deductibles, cost-sharing, prescriptions, and much more can also be covered by Medicaid.

The Medicare planning attorney Lakewood Ranch Fl residents turn to for their elder law needs understands how important quality health care is for seniors and their families. At the end of your life, the last thing you want to deal with is fighting with insurance companies for quality care and coverage. Medicaid is the best options for low income seniors with gaps in their health coverage. Medicaid is easy to work with and navigate when you have the top elder law attorneys on your side.

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