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Medicaid Lawyer in Westchase FL

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Senior citizens know that their health needs are likely to become more expensive as they age and start experiencing more medical difficulties. One of the most financially crushing parts of becoming old is the need for nursing home care. Medicaid is available to offset these costs for individuals that qualify for the state and federal run program for low-income or disabled senior citizens but jumping through the hoops to apply can be difficult. A Medicaid lawyer in Westchase FL can help you navigate through these challenging forms and procedures to get you covered as quickly as possible.

What is Medicaid Planning?

A Medicaid lawyer in Westchase FL can help you determine if you qualify for the Medicaid program in Florida and can ensure that your assets are managed correctly to ensure they aren’t held against your income eligibility. Your family home, inherited property, and other personal wealth is often counted as income, but your Medicaid lawyer in Westchase FL can help you set up a trust to help you become eligible for the state plan.

Not only does Medicaid planning help you to income qualify for Medicaid, these lawyers can ensure that your assets are stripped away for past due medical debts and your children and grandchildren can inherit money, property, and other resources of your estate after your passing.

Medicaid planning will also protect the spouse of the person receiving assistance. The healthy spouse will be able to manage the financial resources of the family and live at home comfortably while the spouse needing care can receive everything they need without worry.

Becoming eligible for Medicaid can also benefits seniors because their prescriptions, therapies, and specialist appointments can be covered under most state Medicaid plans, even if you have Medicare or private insurance concurrently.

If you’re ready to start talking about your end of life planning, call the Medicaid Lawyer in Westchase FL at the Law Offices of Kimberly K. Muenter, P.A. at 941-229-2529.