How To Keep Track Of Your Most Important Legal Documents

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Life is complicated, but death without the proper legal preparations can be even more complicated. Whether you are 40, 57, or 72, establishing and organizing your legal documents is an essential task that helps avoid disputes and confusion after you pass away. Understanding which financial, medical, and legal documents are most important is the first step to ensuring your loved ones won’t be forced to endure added difficulties in the future.

Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning is a vital process that creates a clear path for everything you own upon your death. From vehicles and real estate to liquid cash and personal possessions, your estate plan will designate who receives what. There are quite a few documents involved in a full estate plan, including your power of attorney, guardian of affairs, will and testament, life insurance policies, and end-of-life instructions. Work with an elder law attorney to write these documents, then store all of them together in a labeled folder. Upon your death, your estate plan will protect your family from taxes, legal fees, delays, and disputes.

Medical Documents

Growing older increases the risk of unexpected medical emergencies, so keeping your medical documents organized is very important. Without these, vital decisions might be delayed and your end-of-life wishes might not be followed. The most essential medical documents include power of attorney for health care, a living will, authorization to release medical records, personal medical history, and a long-term care plan. Since your health is impossible to predict, you need to create documents that address every potential situation and keep them in an easily accessible location.

Financial Documents

If you become unexpectedly incapacitated, another family member or loved one needs to know how to handle your finances. Compiling a folder with a list of your bank accounts, tax returns, pension documents, investment accounts, business operation agreements, property deeds and titles, loans, and debts will simplify a potentially lengthy and expensive process for your family members.

Many of the most important documents that you need can only be created with the help of an Elder Law Attorney like Kimberly K. Muenter in Tampa, Florida. Call 941.567.1671 to speak to Attorney Muenter and schedule an appointment to craft your estate plan, medical, and financial documents. This early organization is sure to simplify matters for you and your family members in the future.