Estate Planning Lawyer Sarasota | Estate Planning During Divorce

Estate Planning Lawyer Sarasota

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Estate planning is not just for seniors getting ready for death. In fact, many different adults of all ages use an estate planning Lawyer Sarasota divorce attorneys recommend for settling financial affairs before, during, or after a divorce. Many couples start estate planning before they ever get married, but if you did not set up a prenuptial agreement, the laws in Florida require that the division of property be equitable and fair to both parties, which usually means a 50/50 split. An estate planning lawyer Sarasota divorcees trust is going to be extremely important to get the best outcome in your divorce.

Not only can estate planning help with division of property during a divorce, but these attorneys can also help you change your will, trusts, power of attorney and more to remove the ex-spouse from the documents and name other beneficiaries. Even if you are divorced, not legally changing the beneficiary to remove your former partner will result in that person still benefiting from the estate in the event of your death. Do not forget to change your life insurance policy information and bank accounts payable on death designations also!

Some things such as power of attorney, and health care surrogates should be changed immediately as soon as you find out you are getting a divorce, especially if you are not divorcing amicably. The last thing you want to happen if you get into a tragic accident is someone you are at odds with making choices on your healthcare and finances.

Once your divorce is finalized, consider moving your assets into a trust. Your estate planning lawyer Sarasota offices will always recommend this step because it prevents your assets from becoming marital property should you get remarried in the future. Estate planning is going to be one of the key components of your post-divorce financial health and the attorney you hire should be someone you can trust will always have your best interests in mind.

If you are looking for an estate planning lawyer Sarasota residents trust and rely on, call The Law Office of Kimberly K. Muenter at 941-845-6412.