Estate Planning Attorney Sarasota | Can I Determine How Beneficiaries Use Their Inheritance?

Estate Planning Attorney Sarasota

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One of the most important aspects of working with an estate planning attorney Sarasota residents trust is having a confidential and trusting relationship. Attorney-client privilege allows you to ask questions and ensure that the details of your end-of-life plan and estate is exactly what you intended. One of the questions clients often find themselves spending the most time on, is how to divide up their inheritance, especially if they have multiple children or family members.

Dividing up your assets into inheritance for your children and loved ones can be stressful. There are many situations that make clients question whether to leave money or property to their benefactors at all including their benefactors being minors, having criminal records, being irresponsible, or simply because they do not have an equally close relationship with each benefactor.

One of the best things about hiring an estate planning attorney Sarasota families trust is being able to ask honest questions such as, “Can I determine how an inheritance is used by my children?”

The answer to that question is yes.

An estate planning attorney Sarasota residents hire will be able to help you put your assets into trusts that have specific purposes such as college funds. You can also create incentive trusts which requires certain criteria be met by the beneficiary before funds can be distributed. Addiction can often disqualify someone from being able to access their trust funds. Major milestones can trigger the funds being distributed as well such as marriage, birth of a child, reaching a certain age, graduation, etc.

Trust funds can be complicated and working with an estate planning attorney is a solid reputation is always the best choice for making sure there are no loose ends that will leave your benefactors in probate court after your death. Estate planning is also the best way to retain control over your assets and estate even after you are no longer here.

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