Early Diagnosis: Your First Steps After Being Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s


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A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is very scary, even if you are diagnosed early. Knowing that you are going to lose your memory and faculties at some point can be very distressing. During this stressful time, there are several things that you should do before your condition becomes worse. Taking care of these matters while you are still cognitive and able will make things much easier for both you and your loved ones when the disease progresses.

Designate a Guardian

You will want to designate a guardian for when you are no longer able to handle your own finances and medical decisions. A guardian is able to handle all of your matters for you as if they were you. While you may not need such intervention for some time, setting it up legally ahead of time ensures that there is no lapse in taking care of your business and medical matters.

Designate a Medical Power of Attorney

You may not want the same person acting as your guardian to be responsible for your medical decisions. A medical power of attorney gives one person the ability to make all of your medical decisions. They are given all of the same information you are given about your condition, and they are able to sign off on any tests or procedures. This is important to do right away so that as your memory fails you have someone with you at doctor’s appointments who can make sure they understand your condition and requirements.

Get Finances in Order

It is a good idea to get your financial matters in order while you are still in a position to do so yourself. Creating a living trust is a great way to ensure that your assets are not held up in probate in the case of your eventual death. It is also a good first step in Medicaid planning, which is vitally important for Alzheimer’s patients. Medicaid planning should also be on your list, as most Alzheimer’s patients must eventually be admitted to a full time nursing facility, and most people cannot afford these stays without assistance.

If you have recently had a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and want to be prepared, we can help. Contact us today for more information and a consultation.